Collouqium: special speaker on wednesday (01. February 2017)

We’d like to point out a special guest we invited into our colloquium on wednesday.

Alex C. Müller (retired Research Director CNRS & University Paris South, France) will be talking about

Nuclear Waste Transmutation by Fast Systems

including which part they might play in “Cradle-To-Grave” scenarios of a highly controversial energy source: nuclear power (by fission).

An abstract to his talk can be found here (Link to abstract)
Date and place are as usual

Wednesday (01.02.2017), 17:15, Lecture Hall N3

Starting from 16:45 everyone is invited to join for some cookies and coffee/tea in front of the lecture hall.
As always, the talk is open to anyone.

The regular program and all other announced talks can be found here (Link for this semester).